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Hello , i am alice from www.beyourjordans.CLUB . And we only have 1 website ! Recently I got some complaints that they got the shoes which is very different with the pic we show!The shoes is very very bad quality !After double check , Some guys pretend to copy my webiste! They try to low price to deceive customers! And they try to pretend him(her) as alice ! What's worst , they copy the picture on my website , and try to wipe "club"on the picture ! Again we are not responsible for those situations and pls don't complain to us and say it is one company etc. We only have one company and that is www.beyourjordans.club .If you order from any other site and receive a bad version, it is not our fault . Plz just use my website beyourjordans.club
Once again
Our official Email and skype is :beyourjordans.com@gmail.com We have double "com" on email and skype !
wechat/imessage/imessage :8618059931068 (totally 13 digits. double check plz )

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